On 8/10/2017 9:55 AM, Myrle Krantz wrote:
I'll personally pay for a batch that says Code Like a Girl. Myrle if you have 
ideas of something pithier that is broader, I am game.  Compute Like a Girl?
That's awesome of you Kevin!

Be sure to credit Cornelia Davis -- she was the one handing them out
at SpringOne.  I don't think they were her idea, since it wasn't a
Pivotal logo, but she was handing them out because it's important to

How about "Commit Like A Girl" ? You're right that "Code Like A Girl"
isn't broad enough for Apache.

Roger about Cornelia Davis. I've reached out to her. Code like a Girl might be a specific program / NPO that I don't want to step on.

Commit like a girl sounds might be thought of like a date/couple commitment thing.

But as I wrote SK, the "like a girl" is purposeful and I want that spirit to remain. Yes, it's a dig and it's a direct response to the treatise on women being unfit biologically for the tech field written by the now fired Google employee.

Tech like a Girl

do IT like a girl

Sally, I mentioned a PR but that might be too much of a dig to do officially. A blog post stating the ASF support of women in technology might be better especially since I have zero problem offending anyone offended by the concept that women are not biologically incapable of tech work. Far as I'm concerned it's like bug spray if they decide to avoid me, all the better. So yeah, perhaps I should write a blog post. Likely better if a woman writes it. But I'm happy to push the idea and use the bracelets and push them.

So thoughts on the exact slogan and we'll get the bracelets ordered? I'll drop the idea of a PR and I'll pay for them if there isn't budget/support otherwise.


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