On 8/10/2017 2:59 PM, Aditya wrote:
I'm new. My 2 cents. How about a #CodeLikeAGirl or #(whatever is decided)

Could probably have the # float on twitter / facebook etc.

Good idea though I'll leave social media work to others.

Re the band: the plan is largely gelled:

TBD determined amount based on price points for specific quantity.

debossed 1/2" band in bright red with "do I.T. like a girl" and APACHE.org with the feather logo and APACHE on it twice.


Will also do some bands in silver with MERITOCRACY and The Apache Way and the 

Will get shipped to me and then ship half to Sharan.

Will place order tomorrow AM and have to wait for a proof on the logo work so 
now's the time to chime.

Thanks to Rich, Myrle, Sally, Daniel, Ted, Sharan and anyone else I forgot!


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