Hi guys,

in cdi-integration I don't get how the deployment can work cause the thread
local bus is not set

Here what i did to ensure i use a single bus (and prevented the cxf one to

public class JAXRSCdiResourceExtensionWorkaround extends
JAXRSCdiResourceExtension {
    public void load(@Observes final AfterDeploymentValidation event,
final BeanManager beanManager) {
        final Bus bus =
Bus.class, null));
        BusFactory.setThreadDefaultBus(bus); // cause app class will
rely on that and would create multiple bus and then deployment would
be broken
        try {
            super.load(event, beanManager);
        } finally {

Issue was caused by JAXRSCdiResourceExtension#createFactoryInstance which
calls ResourceUtils.createApplication which uses the thread bus which is
not set by the extension leading to 2 buses.

Did I miss something?

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