Hi Emmanuel,

The custom interceptor I wrote looks like:

public class ProxyInterceptor extends BaseInterceptor {

        public EntryFilteringCursor search(final SearchOperationContext 
searchContext) throws LdapException {

// call connector

        public void add(final AddOperationContext addContext) throws 
LdapException {
                try { logger.info("addContext.getEntry() ");
                } catch (CursorException e) {

public void modify(final ModifyOperationContext modifyContext) throws 
LdapException {


I am calling this interceptor from my resource class. For example the rest call 
for modify does not work:
                               Modification mod = new DefaultModification( 
ModificationOperation.REPLACE_ATTRIBUTE, "o",
                            "test123456" );
                        ModifyRequest modifyRequest = new ModifyRequestImpl();
                        modifyRequest.setName(new Dn("dc=example,dc=com"));
                                // connection.modify("test", );
                                logger.info("after modify");

Hope this helps, let me know if anything else...thanks!

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Le 22/09/16 à 20:32, Sathyanarayan, Harish a écrit :
> Hi:
> I have written a proxy interceptor that implements BaseInterceptor operations 
> like Search, add, modify etc. I have tried inserting both next to the 
> normalizationinterceptor and at the very end of the chain. I run the ApacheDS 
> as embedded service under dropwizard.

You probably want to insert your interceptor after the normalizerInterceptor : 
That wuld be the natural position
> I have a REST API performing CRUD operations. My question is: when I 
> call the Resource to perform add and search it calls the interceptor

Hmm. Not sure I understand this sentence : do you call the interceptor 
directly, or is the interceptor called by the uer layer ?

> that talks to the connector to perform the proxy operation.  This works as 
> intended. But if I try modify and delete, it does not even hit the 
> interceptor and there is no response. Wondering what could be the root cause 
> of this issue?

Can you show the signature for these operations ?

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