On 04/08/17 18:16, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
Hi guys,

"It was the best *of* times, it was the worst *of* times" (Dickens)

it's a pretty big change : switching away from SVN to git. We are using
svn from the very beginning, so to speak 14 years, and it's probablu
time to use a more efficient and modern VCC system. To most of you, that
should be a no brainer, and we already have a few sub-projects using git
at Diectory (Fortress, kerby).

However, I think it's important to get this vote out, as it's gong to
impact the project as a whole.

Note that it will just be for teh API atm, but the other projects will
most certainly migrate sooner or later (ApacheDS, Studio, Mavibot and
teh site)

I'm just a dinosaur!

Some of my dormant projects are still held on CVS (to retain the history)! I made the switch to SVN for those projects which required it and adapted my methods to suit. As time went by I began to appreciate the value in the weaknesses of CVS which were addressed by SVN. I am comfortable with SVN, warts and all...

Of course, I've had to work with GIT when a project has converted, and I've heard all the advocates many times before. It must be my fossilised brain making me still uncomfortable with GIT - it just feels "back to front" to me. In my mind, it feels natural to have an authoritative source and replicate it into my own "sandbox" to "play" with.

I've noticed all the enthusiastic +1's for this vote, so I am resigned to having to adapt to yet another GIT project. All I can ask is that someone writes a helpful wiki page for those developers who want to hit the ground running once the trunk has migrated. Will there be any gotchas associated with the transitional period?

So :

[ ] +1 : switch Apache LDAP API to git

[ ] +/-0 : I don't mind

[ ] -1 : Keep going with SVN

-1 is not a veto, feel free to speak your mind. The idea is to be sure
we are all on the same page here : I don't feel compelled to switch, but
I do think it would make it easier for us to work on the project, and
for external users to push PRs.

Thanks for being so diplomatic, Emmanuel. With your "encouragement", I am inclined to vote -1...

However, if someone can explain how the peculiar SVN structure of the project would be improved by migration to GIT - I mean having to checkout the code and wiki sources under different urls and sandboxes, then I would be happy to vote +1.

I am pleased to see everyone voting so politely!


Thanks !

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