> On Aug 8, 2017, at 7:09 AM, Shawn McKinney <smckin...@apache.org> wrote:
>> Yes please! Once I am familiar and the Directory project has been migrated, 
>> I could use it to start the wiki page we should have (analogous to the 
>> current SVN page).
>> I think I might be tempted to try converting one of my own simple SVN 
>> projects to GIT. I suppose it is time for me to stop being scared of the 
>> dark! (Still, I'm glad it will be the advocates, rather than me, who will be 
>> responsible for migrating this complex collection of sub-projects).
> I’ve found 95% of working on an apache directory project is using these 
> commands:
> git clone proj-name

actually more precise is

git clone proj-url

connectivity with a git remote server can be either using SSH or HTTPS.  Either 
work just fine, SSH usually has integration with your SSH key which saves the 
trouble of reentering creds each push or pull.

If you are working with uncommitted changes but nonetheless need to synch with 
server’s latest changes, simply push your uncommitted changes, pull the latest, 
and then pop your latest changes back off the stack.

IDE integration with GIT is quite good at making rudimentary operations like 
merging almost an afterthought for the developer.  The IDE will also cache 
credentials saving the trouble of entering on every change if using HTTPS 

Finally, there are plenty of good tools to use that provide the ability to look 
at the change history (which should be preserved after the migration from SVN). 
 Your IDE can do this or I like gitk.

OK, now I’m really done, and time to git back to work.  :-)


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