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I've noticed all the enthusiastic +1's for this vote, so I am resigned to having to adapt to yet another GIT project. All I can ask is that someone writes a helpful wiki page for those developers who want to hit the ground running once the trunk has migrated. Will there be any gotchas associated with the transitional period?

I was using SVN almost since it was born. Even for some very large projects. Started my own project on SVN. But that quickly reached the SVN limits. So I was migrating the project from SVN to Git few years ago. It went absolutely smoothly, all the history is preserved and the whole team adapted to Git in almost no time. Git enabled a completely new dimension of flexibility. Few months after the switch I wondered how I could ever live with SVN ...

There is no need to be afraid. You can use Git in almost the same way as you use SVN now. Looking back at my migration I found this to be very useful:


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