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Sent: Friday, August 4, 2017 4:17 PM
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Subject: [Vote] Switch to git for Apache LDAP API 2.0

Hi guys,

"It was the best *of* times, it was the worst *of* times" (Dickens)

it's a pretty big change : switching away from SVN to git. We are using svn 
from the very beginning, so to speak 14 years, and it's probablu time to use a 
more efficient and modern VCC system. To most of you, that should be a no 
brainer, and we already have a few sub-projects using git at Diectory 
(Fortress, kerby).

However, I think it's important to get this vote out, as it's gong to impact 
the project as a whole.

Note that it will just be for teh API atm, but the other projects will most 
certainly migrate sooner or later (ApacheDS, Studio, Mavibot and teh site)

So :

[ ] +1 : switch Apache LDAP API to git

[ ] +/-0 : I don't mind

[ ] -1 : Keep going with SVN

-1 is not a veto, feel free to speak your mind. The idea is to be sure we are 
all on the same page here : I don't feel compelled to switch, but I do think it 
would make it easier for us to work on the project, and for external users to 
push PRs.

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lecharny


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