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> Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2017 1:41 PM
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> Subject: Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH v6 4/4] latencystats: added new library for
> latency stats
> 2017-01-12 00:03, Remy Horton:
> > Add a library designed to calculate latency statistics and report them
> > to the application when queried. The library measures minimum, average
> > and maximum latencies, and jitter in nano seconds. The current
> > implementation supports global latency stats, i.e. per application
> stats.
> Is it specific to ethdev ports?
> > Added new field to mbuf struct to mark the packet arrival time on Rx.
> There was another patch adding a timestamp in mbuf:
>       http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2016-October/048809.html

Hi Thomas,

Is that an issue? The other patch adds the same field for more or less the same 
If the other patch goes in we can rework this patch or if this patch goes in the
other one won't be required.


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