06/03/2018 19:28, Arnon Warshavsky:
> The use case addressed here is dpdk environment init
> aborting the process due to panic,
> preventing the calling process from running its own tear-down actions.

Thank you for working on this long standing issue.

> A preferred, though ABI breaking solution would be
> to have the environment init always return a value
> rather than abort upon distress.

Yes, it is the preferred solution.
We should not use exit (panic & co) inside a library.
It is important enough to break the API.
I would be in favor of accepting such breakage in 18.05.

> This patch defines a couple of callback registration functions,
> one for panic and one for exit
> in case one wishes to distinguish between these events.
> Once a callback is set and panic takes place,
> it will be called prior to calling abort.
> Maiden voyage patch for Qwilt and myself.

Are you OK to visit the other side of the solution?

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