On 07-Mar-18 8:32 AM, Thomas Monjalon wrote:

06/03/2018 19:28, Arnon Warshavsky:
The use case addressed here is dpdk environment init
aborting the process due to panic,
preventing the calling process from running its own tear-down actions.

Thank you for working on this long standing issue.

A preferred, though ABI breaking solution would be
to have the environment init always return a value
rather than abort upon distress.

Yes, it is the preferred solution.
We should not use exit (panic & co) inside a library.
It is important enough to break the API.

+1, panic exists mostly for historical reasons AFAIK. it's a pity i didn't think of it at the time of submitting the memory hotplug RFC, because i now hit the same issue with the v1 - we might panic while holding a lock, and didn't realize that it was an API break to change this behavior.

Can this really go into current release without deprecation notices?


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