> > Can this really go into current release without deprecation notices?
> If such an exception is done, it must be approved by the technical board.
> We need to check few criterias:
>         - which functions need to be changed
>         - how the application is impacted
>         - what is the urgency
> If a panic is removed and the application is not already checking some
> error code, the execution will continue without considering the error.

> Some rte_panic could be probably removed without any impact on
> applications.
> Some rte_panic could wait for 18.08 with a notice in 18.05.
> If some rte_panic cannot wait, it must be discussed specifically.

Every panic removal must be handled all the way up in all call paths.
If not all instances can be removed at once in 18.05 (which seems to be the
maybe we should keep the callback patch until all the remains are gone.

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