+ Yong Wang - new maintainer for vmxnet3 pod

> On 06-Apr-2018, at 7:21 PM, Padam Jeet Singh <padam.si...@inventum.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> When configuring the vmxnet3 based ethernet device, the RX VLAN Strip offload 
> does not work as it usually does with other real NICs which support this 
> function.
> When configuring with rxmode.hw_vlan_strip = 1, the ipackets statistic does 
> not increase when a VLAN ether type frame is received on the port and it is 
> also not received on queue RX.
> However, when configuring rxmode.hw_vlan_strip = 0 ,the ipackets statistic 
> increases as well as frames arrives with VLAN header.
> Though calling  rte_eth_dev_set_vlan_offload(port, ETH_VLAN_STRIP_OFFLOAD) 
> returns a success, however VLAN stripping on RX does not work.
> TX VLAN INSERT offload on the other hand works just fine.
> Is this a bug in vmxnet3 driver of dpdk?
> Thanks,
> Padam

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