As far as I know, this feature works.  What DPDK version did you use?  Is there 
any port reconfiguration (stop/start/mtu change, etc) that could lose your vlan 
offload settings (a dump of the port config at runtime will be able to confirm 
this)?  Can you also post a snippet of packet capture of the vlan traffic 


´╗┐On 4/6/18, 6:51 AM, "dev on behalf of Padam Jeet Singh" < 
on behalf of> wrote:

    When configuring the vmxnet3 based ethernet device, the RX VLAN Strip 
offload does not work as it usually does with other real NICs which support 
this function.
    When configuring with rxmode.hw_vlan_strip = 1, the ipackets statistic does 
not increase when a VLAN ether type frame is received on the port and it is 
also not received on queue RX.
    However, when configuring rxmode.hw_vlan_strip = 0 ,the ipackets statistic 
increases as well as frames arrives with VLAN header.
    Though calling  rte_eth_dev_set_vlan_offload(port, ETH_VLAN_STRIP_OFFLOAD) 
returns a success, however VLAN stripping on RX does not work.
    TX VLAN INSERT offload on the other hand works just fine.
    Is this a bug in vmxnet3 driver of dpdk?

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