When using 4095, I assume you enabled trunk mode on ESX vswitch.  What ESX 
version did you use? Is the vswitch standard switch or DVS? We have tested over 
ESX6.0 and onwards plus DPDK 17.05 and it should work.

On 4/8/18, 11:22 PM, "Padam Jeet Singh" <padam.si...@inventum.net> wrote:

    > On 06-Apr-2018, at 11:12 PM, Yong Wang <yongw...@vmware.com> wrote:
    > Padam,
    > As far as I know, this feature works.  What DPDK version did you use?
    DPDK Version 17.05
    >  Is there any port reconfiguration (stop/start/mtu change, etc) that 
could lose your vlan offload settings (a dump of the port config at runtime 
will be able to confirm this)?  Can you also post a snippet of packet capture 
of the vlan traffic received?
    It’s a standard configure followed by start. No MTU change/Stop. Here are 
the port configuration post the device start:
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.332573+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP: -- Ethernet 
Port Info (0) --
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.332729+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   Driver        
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.332822+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   if_index      
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.332926+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   
min_rx_bufsize 1646
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333015+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   max_rx_pktlen 
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333102+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   max_rx_queues 
supported 16
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333218+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   max_tx_queues 
supported 8
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333305+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   rx_queues 
configured 2
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333390+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   tx_queues 
configured 2
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333475+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   max_mac_addrs 
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333560+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   max_vfs       
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333644+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   
max_vmdq_pools 0
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333728+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   
rx_offload_cap 29
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333832+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   
tx_offload_cap 45
    2018-04-09T05:37:45.333944+00:00 INFO inventum fpnas : APP:   
vlan_offload_flags 1
    And the VLAN offload setting while the device is running (with the packet 
coming from the test PC):
    vlan_offload_flag: 1
    The configuration as is as follows:
    [vmxnet3 based interface on VM with DPDK app] —— [ vswitch with VLAN 4095 
and uplink using Intel igb based adaptor] —— [ test PC with VLAN interface ]
    Packet sent by the PC (ARP packet):
    Frame 1: 46 bytes on wire (368 bits), 46 bytes captured (368 bits)
    Ethernet II, Src: 00:25:64:cf:f2:30, Dst: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
    802.1Q Virtual LAN, PRI: 0, DEI: 0, ID: 105
    Address Resolution Protocol (request)
    If I redo the test with the same physical and vmware setup but instead of 
vmxnet3 I use e1000e emulation driver, all of this works fine. Packets come 
properly stripped of VLAN with vlan_tci fields set correctly.
    > Yong 
    > On 4/6/18, 6:51 AM, "dev on behalf of Padam Jeet Singh" 
<dev-boun...@dpdk.org on behalf of padam.si...@inventum.net> wrote:
    >    Hi,
    >    When configuring the vmxnet3 based ethernet device, the RX VLAN Strip 
offload does not work as it usually does with other real NICs which support 
this function.
    >    When configuring with rxmode.hw_vlan_strip = 1, the ipackets statistic 
does not increase when a VLAN ether type frame is received on the port and it 
is also not received on queue RX.
    >    However, when configuring rxmode.hw_vlan_strip = 0 ,the ipackets 
statistic increases as well as frames arrives with VLAN header.
    >    Though calling  rte_eth_dev_set_vlan_offload(port, 
ETH_VLAN_STRIP_OFFLOAD) returns a success, however VLAN stripping on RX does 
not work.
    >    TX VLAN INSERT offload on the other hand works just fine.
    >    Is this a bug in vmxnet3 driver of dpdk?
    >    Thanks,
    >    Padam

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