Github user jiang-wu commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: exec/vector/src/main/codegen/templates/ ---
    @@ -509,15 +509,15 @@ public long getTwoAsLong(int index) {
         public ${friendlyType} getObject(int index) {
           org.joda.time.DateTime date = new org.joda.time.DateTime(get(index), 
           date = 
    -      return date;
    +      return new java.sql.Date(date.getMillis());
    --- End diff --
    How about we use Java 8 Local[Data|Time|Timestamp] for the public interface 
methods?  That sets things up for the future.
    Internally, I won't change the logic that is using Joda DateTime, that is 
doing the various time zone stuff.  That behind the scene logic can be 
separately updated after determine what is the right behavior Drill wants to 


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