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On 11.10.2016 21:31, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
As discussed on the mailing list, I've staged a 1.0.0 release of the gogo
bundles at

This includes all the bundles versioned at 1.0.0.
The requirement are
   * JDK 7
   * JDK 8 for the gogo.jline bundle

I've removed the status=provisional, bumped the package to version 1.0.0,
moved the CommandSessionListener in the same place than the
CommandProcessor / CommandSession, etc...

There are small incompatibilities, hence the requirement for a major bump,
and I think a 1.0 release is definitely missing anyway.

To test it, you can use the felix distribution and replace the bundles with
the new ones, either use gogo.runtime + gogo.shell on JDK7 or gogo.runtime
+ gogo.jline + jline on JDK8.
The gogo.jline bundle provides history, completion and quite a few nice
things you really ought to try !

Please review and vote !

Guillaume Nodet

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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