Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if there would be interest in the felix project to accept and
host a small integration between the upcoming Log 1.4 specification with
Logback backend.

The features I have already are:

- single bundle impl
- generic LogListener that attempts to be the shortest path from the log
record (LogEntry) creation to the Logback appenders (no intermediaries)
- fully integrates all the record details like location, stackframes, etc.
- allows Logback to manage levels for legacy framework, service and bundle
events in a granular fashion by using canonical logger names
- can react to Logback scan (i.e. autoupdate) to dynamically apply level
changes using the new LoggingAdmin
- fully supports all other logback configuration goodness
- makes it very simply pipe all the various Log APIs to the same appenders
(or not) using the same formats (or not) and control all their log levels
in one place: slf4j is native, but I've tested with log4j 1.2/2.x,
commons-logging, JUL, jboss-logging in the same framework

Of course Felix doesn't have a Log 1.4 impl yet so that is a consideration.

This small integration has solved so many of the rather bothersome logging
issues I've been suffering the past years and I'd like to share it with

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