This sounds great. I'd probably use it! I usually use logback with
static loggers but I might migrate (back) to OSGi Log 1.4 and that seems
like a nice way to do this smoothly.


Raymond Auge a écrit le 11/04/2018 à 19:08 :
> Hello everyone,
> I'm wondering if there would be interest in the felix project to accept and
> host a small integration between the upcoming Log 1.4 specification with
> Logback backend.
> The features I have already are:
> - single bundle impl
> - generic LogListener that attempts to be the shortest path from the log
> record (LogEntry) creation to the Logback appenders (no intermediaries)
> - fully integrates all the record details like location, stackframes, etc.
> - allows Logback to manage levels for legacy framework, service and bundle
> events in a granular fashion by using canonical logger names
> - can react to Logback scan (i.e. autoupdate) to dynamically apply level
> changes using the new LoggingAdmin
> - fully supports all other logback configuration goodness
> - makes it very simply pipe all the various Log APIs to the same appenders
> (or not) using the same formats (or not) and control all their log levels
> in one place: slf4j is native, but I've tested with log4j 1.2/2.x,
> commons-logging, JUL, jboss-logging in the same framework
> Of course Felix doesn't have a Log 1.4 impl yet so that is a consideration.
> This small integration has solved so many of the rather bothersome logging
> issues I've been suffering the past years and I'd like to share it with
> others.
> Sincerely,

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