Hi, my name is Angel Cajas from BOWPI and I am making some changes to some 
features developed by us some months ago to use the same methods and 
validations already existing for some tasks such  as the permission settings, 
the serialization and deserialization of json request and data retrieval from 

While I'm doing those changes and start to understand how fineract works some 
questions have arisen for me. Some may seem trivial but I would like to get 
some feedback from the dev team if it is possible.

-According to the wiki, the coding conventions used for this project are based 
on Google Java Style<https://google.github.io/styleguide/javaguide.html> of 
coding. Regarding block indentation and column limit, I've seen in some classes 
those rules aren't followed and I would like to know if another coding style 
that isn't documented is being used as of right now or should I reformat the 
code after modifying some existing classes.

-I've seen there isn't an option to create new permissions, so these must be 
inserted directly into the database, should these be included in a new script 
file or is there another way to add this new objects that I am not aware of?

-When reading using a ReadService a RowMapper is being used to transform the 
query result to a DTO I guess it's because the result shouldn't include all the 
fields saved in the database and just show the relevant ones and I've seen some 
queries are saved as strings. It's OK to use repository functions to retrieve 
such data instead of saving the query in a string? and It is necessary all the 
entities be converted to DTOs when using the ReadPlatformService?

I would really appreciate your help and feedback and thanks for your attention.

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