Hello Awasum

Thanks for your response, I have read the content in the links and as specified 
in them this project uses the Google Java Style, however I’ve seen that some of 
those conventions like 2 spaces indentation and column limit of 100 characters 
aren’t applied in the code and my IDE is formatting the code using those rules. 
As I’ve said before this may seem a trivial issue but I want to be sure that I 
am not doing something wrong while modifying existing classes.


From: Awasum Yannick <awa...@apache.org>
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Subject: Re: Code Standard Questions from BOWPI

Hello Angel, Ed,

Going through the wiki pages, I found these posts which might be helpful to the 
coding style issue:





To the best of my knowledge, If there are some classes within the platform 
which do not follow some of these conventions then that seems to be code which 
violates our conventions and that needs to be fixed.

What you can do in this case is reformat the code base in accordance to the 
above specifications and send a PR.

For the rest of your query, I will give way for a more experienced contributor 
to Fineract 1.x to respond.

Awasum Yannick

On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 6:46 PM, Ed Cable 
<edca...@mifos.org<mailto:edca...@mifos.org>> wrote:
I wanted to bump this thread back up to the top as unfortunately it's gone
without reply and the team at BOWPI who are really itching to contribute
are blocked.

Could any of our committers please respond to their queries regarding
coding standards so they can unblock themselves and make the changes they
want to contribute to Fineract.



On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 9:09 AM, Angel Cajas 
<angel.ca...@bowpi.com<mailto:angel.ca...@bowpi.com>> wrote:

> Hi, my name is Angel Cajas from BOWPI and I am making some changes to some
> features developed by us some months ago to use the same methods and
> validations already existing for some tasks such  as the permission
> settings, the serialization and deserialization of json request and data
> retrieval from database.
> While I'm doing those changes and start to understand how fineract works
> some questions have arisen for me. Some may seem trivial but I would like
> to get some feedback from the dev team if it is possible.
> -According to the wiki, the coding conventions used for this project are
> based on Google Java Style
> <https://google.github.io/styleguide/javaguide.html> of coding. Regarding
> block indentation and column limit, I've seen in some classes those rules
> aren't followed and I would like to know if another coding style that isn't
> documented is being used as of right now or should I reformat the code
> after modifying some existing classes.
> -I've seen there isn't an option to create new permissions, so these must
> be inserted directly into the database, should these be included in a new
> script file or is there another way to add this new objects that I am not
> aware of?
> -When reading using a ReadService a RowMapper is being used to transform
> the query result to a DTO I guess it's because the result shouldn't include
> all the fields saved in the database and just show the relevant ones and
> I've seen some queries are saved as strings. It's OK to use repository
> functions to retrieve such data instead of saving the query in a string?
> and It is necessary all the entities be converted to DTOs when using the
> ReadPlatformService?
> I would really appreciate your help and feedback and thanks for your
> attention.

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