Hi Josh,
This is somewhat difficult for me top provide too much input on... I say
that because the team I am working with is still prototyping what the
Flagon product suite can do. As I recently moved teams I am still in the
early difficult but exciting days of technical evangelism with Flagon being
one of my subjects. I'm also not too intimate with the DISTILL product as
it currently resides... I did however know that it was in need of some tlc.
To be honest, right now I can't even install DISTILL having run into an
issue with the first command.
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> ...

> Context:
> UserALE.js is and will likely always ...

Thanks for the context. It really helps to understand how DISTILL is what
it is.

> Proposal:
> My proposal is to refactor Distill to expedite analytical content
> development. This involves pulling back the product focus from a
> server-side stack component to a Python package that users can pull into
> their own Python and ‘Conda package. We can then provide some of the basic
> functions (e.g., make elastic queries, aggregations) Distill offered
> through third-party dependencies (e.g., elasticsearch-dsl), and quickly
> begin generating analytical libraries to distribute through the package.

I think this sounds like an excellent proposal describing how DISTILL can
evolve to become more user-oriented, flexible and relevant moving forward.
I am in support of it.

> Depending on demand, we can revisit the concept of a server-side stack
> component serving various front-ends, but capitalize on other streamlined
> visualization packages like PlotLy for visualization.

Yep, there is no problem with us essentially branching DISTILL into a
'stack' or 'legacy' branch and then continuing on master with your proposal.

> This will require major repository restructuring. However, this lessons
> the work needed to get to analytical content generation and dissemination
> and expedites community growth.

Agreed. I feel that publishing Python library(ies) really makes things
simple and also keeps Flagon in business of providing simple, well written
highly capable client-side functionality.

> Please share your thoughts. As we reach consensus, we can move to a VOTE
> to steer toward this proposal or others that arise through Discussion.
Maybe an hour-long technical session is required to hash out the proposal
more fully then we post it for community input?

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