We have SLACK!? What? Ok, I'll check that out right-quick!

Let's plan on October for the tech interchange. I have some parenting to do this month with my new boy. I'll solicit some interest from the group and maybe set up a hangouts or some mechanism to add interested parties into a call. Good idea. In the meantime, I'll start doing some bare minimum repo management for Distill to start pulling in WIPs. Really, I think the stack is a separate implementation environment for the toolkit, not really an evolution. This lets us retreat back to content generation for the meat that the stack serves, rather than starting with a fancy platter. I'll flesh out the proposal a bit more on confluence.

We did (a while back) pull together some requirements for v0.2.0 of the stack that we can use as a talking point so that we can start with a toolkit and move forward to a stack implementation: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLAGON/Distill+0.2.0

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Hi Josh,
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Hi Lewis,

I’m working with another community that’s doing the same exercise. They
want a Python environment, which was always Distill’s intent, however they
want to exploit the gamut of PlotLy and Dash. I’ll arrange an introduction,
but that will have to be OFFLINE.


“Maybe an hour-long technical session is required to hash out the proposal
more fully then we post it for community input?”

I like this idea. Can you spec out a little more what you’d like to go
over in the “session” is this just a telecon, webcast discussion, or more
of a demonstration?

I think a discussion about what it would take to evolve Distill from the
stack to toolkit. Some architectural discussion would be appropriate. We
can then flush the output to a wiki and cross reference on this ML.

Yep, there is no problem with us essentially branching DISTILL into a
'stack' or 'legacy' branch and then continuing on master with your

I really like this idea, I can get started on this, and build out a new
master as a pypy package.

Please let me know when you are free to discuss and we can tagup.
BTW, the ASF has a Slack at the-asf.slack.com which we could use... fyi

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