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> Subject: RE: [DISCUSS] DISTILL Product Direction
> Hi Lewis,
> I’m working with another community that’s doing the same exercise. They
> want a Python environment, which was always Distill’s intent, however they
> want to exploit the gamut of PlotLy and Dash. I’ll arrange an introduction,
> but that will have to be OFFLINE.


> “Maybe an hour-long technical session is required to hash out the proposal
> more fully then we post it for community input?”
> I like this idea. Can you spec out a little more what you’d like to go
> over in the “session” is this just a telecon, webcast discussion, or more
> of a demonstration?

I think a discussion about what it would take to evolve Distill from the
stack to toolkit. Some architectural discussion would be appropriate. We
can then flush the output to a wiki and cross reference on this ML.

> Yep, there is no problem with us essentially branching DISTILL into a
> 'stack' or 'legacy' branch and then continuing on master with your
> proposal.
> I really like this idea, I can get started on this, and build out a new
> master as a pypy package.

Please let me know when you are free to discuss and we can tagup.
BTW, the ASF has a Slack at the-asf.slack.com which we could use... fyi

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