Thanks so much for the input. #2 is my favorite, too.

Flagon is user analysis for the masses. It's open source, scalable business analytics for some. It's usability analysis for others. And, its turning the web into a decision-sciences laboratory for others. We're trying to make user analysis open source and safe for all time. We're trying to up the game, too. Clickstream is dumb, we're about patterns of life and real behavioral science.

Check out the website:

As for what the logo has to do with anything about our project: Its all history, just like Apple's Apple, Microsoft's Window, and Google's Wheel. Our first UserALE (our logging service) developer was super into beer. So he named it User-ALE (Analytic Logging Engine). The alcohol reference became a thing for the dev team--we started naming all our apps after booze (ALE, Distill, TAP, STOUT). So, when we changed our name, the name really aligned with the history of the products  (e.g., Flagon of ALE) more than the products' scope. So, our logos don't really have to have anything to do with our product, or a Flagon, they just have to be cool, fun, and energize people.

If there are better ideas for something that aligns with behavioral logging, or actual Flagons (tough, I tried...), I'm all ears. But, we don't need to constrain ourselves, especially not at the cost of having fun and doing awesome things. I'd rather someone see something and ask, "whats that?" than see something completely obvious and have no motivation to explore. Our logo won't affect hits on Google, it will affect how much people spent time on our website or our booth at the next Apache con...


On 9/29/2019 12:42 AM, Austin Bennett wrote:
#2 looks super cool; still don't have a great sense of what project is
trying to do as to whether sufficiently in-line.

On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 9:38 PM Joshua C. Poore <> wrote:

Hi Folks,

I've been doing some sketches on Flagon logos. Probably we'll want a few
for various things, but we need a primary logo to use on Twitter,
website, etc., etc. I can't get them to go through unscathed through the
dev lists. You can find them at this link:

These are just sketches I made. I have someone (probably) who can finish
them off, touch them up for us and make them web-ready. Of course, if
someone from the community would like to do that, I'll take it! Just
remember that the final will be copyright ASF.

I call the first: FlagLorean. Was inspired by Back to the Future and the
old ORION films logo

I wanted a throwback. I imagine this would have a metallic finish with
some color inlets (negotiable). I call the second: FlagonSaveTheQueen.
It speaks for itself, but was inspired with by the Pistols and Norse
runes. For both, I wanted something that we could crop up and use for a
web extension icon, which would be recognizable. I liked the idea of
using the "ON" in Flagon as our icon. Both of these logos would give us
something interesting to put in people's browsers, in that regard.

I'm looking for feedback about what people would like to see on the
website, wrt to a Logo. Whether either of these are moving in an
interesting direction. Again, we need one primary logo, but a few others
for Merch/Giveaways. FlagonSaveTheQueen will make a bad-ass patch, for
example. Anyway, open to feedback and any other ideas. The sooner we
pick some logos, the sooner we can get some cool shirts made :)



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