Sensible response and believe am in agreement -- and, related, I don't have
any better ideas for logos at the moment.

On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 10:16 PM Joshua C. Poore <> wrote:

> Austin!
> Thanks so much for the input. #2 is my favorite, too.
> Flagon is user analysis for the masses. It's open source, scalable
> business analytics for some. It's usability analysis for others. And,
> its turning the web into a decision-sciences laboratory for others.
> We're trying to make user analysis open source and safe for all time.
> We're trying to up the game, too. Clickstream is dumb, we're about
> patterns of life and real behavioral science.
> Check out the website:
> As for what the logo has to do with anything about our project: Its all
> history, just like Apple's Apple, Microsoft's Window, and Google's
> Wheel. Our first UserALE (our logging service) developer was super into
> beer. So he named it User-ALE (Analytic Logging Engine). The alcohol
> reference became a thing for the dev team--we started naming all our
> apps after booze (ALE, Distill, TAP, STOUT). So, when we changed our
> name, the name really aligned with the history of the products  (e.g.,
> Flagon of ALE) more than the products' scope. So, our logos don't really
> have to have anything to do with our product, or a Flagon, they just
> have to be cool, fun, and energize people.
> If there are better ideas for something that aligns with behavioral
> logging, or actual Flagons (tough, I tried...), I'm all ears. But, we
> don't need to constrain ourselves, especially not at the cost of having
> fun and doing awesome things. I'd rather someone see something and ask,
> "whats that?" than see something completely obvious and have no
> motivation to explore. Our logo won't affect hits on Google, it will
> affect how much people spent time on our website or our booth at the
> next Apache con...
> Thoughts?
> On 9/29/2019 12:42 AM, Austin Bennett wrote:
> > #2 looks super cool; still don't have a great sense of what project is
> > trying to do as to whether sufficiently in-line.
> >
> > On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 9:38 PM Joshua C. Poore <>
> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Folks,
> >>
> >> I've been doing some sketches on Flagon logos. Probably we'll want a few
> >> for various things, but we need a primary logo to use on Twitter,
> >> website, etc., etc. I can't get them to go through unscathed through the
> >> dev lists. You can find them at this link:
> >>
> >>
> >> These are just sketches I made. I have someone (probably) who can finish
> >> them off, touch them up for us and make them web-ready. Of course, if
> >> someone from the community would like to do that, I'll take it! Just
> >> remember that the final will be copyright ASF.
> >>
> >> I call the first: FlagLorean. Was inspired by Back to the Future and the
> >> old ORION films logo
> >> (
> >>
> ).
> >>
> >> I wanted a throwback. I imagine this would have a metallic finish with
> >> some color inlets (negotiable). I call the second: FlagonSaveTheQueen.
> >> It speaks for itself, but was inspired with by the Pistols and Norse
> >> runes. For both, I wanted something that we could crop up and use for a
> >> web extension icon, which would be recognizable. I liked the idea of
> >> using the "ON" in Flagon as our icon. Both of these logos would give us
> >> something interesting to put in people's browsers, in that regard.
> >>
> >> I'm looking for feedback about what people would like to see on the
> >> website, wrt to a Logo. Whether either of these are moving in an
> >> interesting direction. Again, we need one primary logo, but a few others
> >> for Merch/Giveaways. FlagonSaveTheQueen will make a bad-ass patch, for
> >> example. Anyway, open to feedback and any other ideas. The sooner we
> >> pick some logos, the sooner we can get some cool shirts made :)
> >>
> >> Best,
> >>
> >> Josh
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>

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