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Predmet: Re: [FlexJS][Wiki] Replace ViewBase by View

>Oh and thanks for contributing. I see you are making good changes already!
It's fixed now, I'm always glad to help if I'm able to do it ;-)

I've found that the "Hello world" example in [1] produces different results
in the swf and js version.
The "background-color" style (defined inside the Label) does not work in
the swf version.
To fix it I've just move it from the Label to the <fx:Style> declaration.

Moreover I've found that the "Application structure" code [2] is not a
working demo which also could frustrate anybody who just copy and paste the
Amongst other issues "NonVirtualVerticalLayout" is used wich seems to be not
What is the replacement for this bead?


[2] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLEX/Application+Structure

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