Honestly I'm a bit confused about the discussion:

>My understanding is that you can set the initialView property of the app at
runtime to use a different view. 

Do you mean the ability to replace the initialView including all its sub
views at runtime?
Similar as in Flex where we able to add and remove view components?
I thought it would be the same in FlexJS?

>It might be better to just remove every from "and they can".

What do you mean with this?

>The Application is designed for simple one-view apps. 
>More sophisticated application structures are certainly welcome in FlexJS

Does this mean FlexJS is designed for simple apps????
I thought the initial view is just a container for any number of sub views.

>It turns out you can just bake the View into the main
>MXML file.  If folks think that is more approachable, we can start
>reworking our examples so they are one-file applications.

Do you mean that's a good idea to paste all mxml of an app into one file
instead of building encapsulated, reusable view components?

Maybe we've a different understanding of the view "term" in this context
here, but I'm still confused.
Please enlighten me..


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