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>My understanding is that you can set the initialView property of the app
>at runtime to use a different view.
>(If that’s the case, it might make sense to change the property name to
>“view” instead of “initialView”.)

It might be better to just remove every from "and they can".  I think
you'd have to fix up a few things if you changed the initialView.  The
Application is designed for simple one-view apps.  More sophisticated
application structures are certainly welcome in FlexJS.  I don't think we
are going to recommend one particular application structure.  MobileTrader
does have Navigators in the initialView that swap out sub-views, but that
could be flattened into a different application structure.

Also, I first started out thinking we wanted everyone to have their View
in a separate MXML file, but that's mainly to encourage separation of
concerns into MVC.  It turns out you can just bake the View into the main
MXML file.  If folks think that is more approachable, we can start
reworking our examples so they are one-file applications.


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