On 10/13/16, 11:55 PM, "Justin Mclean" <jus...@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>So I contacted both parties with pull requests a week ago and have
>received no reply.
>For FlatUI that's not so surprising as there was no reply to another
>licensing question asked by Alex way back in March and there very little
>activity on the project. The pull request contains a LICENSE file,
>headers and I also nicely asked them to confirm copyright belongs to them
>and not the contributors. Given there's no reply my plan is to go ahead
>as per per the discussion on legal discuss I'll add the header / license
>without the copyright line.
>For openfl I’ve also receive any reply and again as per the discussion on
>legal discuss I’ll go ahead and add the header.
>Are there any objections to the above? Or anything else people want to

I'd give them more than a week to respond.  IMO, no urgency here.
>Alex how is progress with the CreateJS licensing/header issue? Have you
>contacted CreateJS yet?

I have not contacted CreateJS, but have started the process of getting
approved by Adobe folks to contact them.  Not sure how long that will take.


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