Hi Chris,
I hope that you don't really think that your effort is waste of time!!!
Like others I've also not so much time and I've spend most of this time with
testing the maven build in the past.

I think FlexJS is on a good way but we should care to not raise false
During my FlexJS journey I stumbled and still stumble over some issues. Of
course issues are expected but  any issue cost time: E.g. it cost time to
check if it's my fault or if it could be a bug.
In the case of a bug it's not always so easy for me to isolate it and to
create a reproducible test case.
And to fix the bug by myself by commiting some clever code is a complete
other story.
But I'm still optimistic that I'll able to commit something useful in the

>From my point of view what is really needed for 1.0 is a complete componet
set that works including some docs and code snipptes.

Just my 2 cents,

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