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>I’m not sure where this response went…
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>> Let’s actually do some profiling so we can see if there’s really an
>> Is there really a difference whether you have one object whose size is
>>x+y or two objects where one size is x and another is y?
>> I doubt there’s anywhere close to twice as many function calls. Yes.
>>For setting native Flash properties there will be double setters and
>>getters, but that’s not going to be the majority of the code being run
>>and we might be able to optimize those calls in certain cases if it’s an

Why are you objecting to using a tooling workflow to find the potential
conflicts of your code against the various platform implementations?
There is a separate discussion of being able to compile against both
platforms from a single IDE project.  IMO, that would be best because
there can be other platform-specific things not related to the wrapping
that can conflict against your code.

Again, the "oh, it's just a little bit of extra code" is what cause Flex
to have a 13,000 line UIComponent and a 130K hello world.  Please let us
use the tool chain to find the conflicts and not burden the production
code.  Animations pound on x,y,width,height as does layout.


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