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>Hi guys,
>Apache is changing the mode in which ApacheCons are being held starting
>with the next ApacheCon NA in Miami.
>Instead of having a separate ApacheCon and Apache Big Data, this time
>they will be held in parallel and will be starting on Tuesday going till
>This is done to create some space for Projects to do project summits on
>Monday. Projects that are interested will be able to get a half-day or
>full-day slot to do this.
>I think we should sign up for such a summit and finally get the community
>to come together.
>We have a lot of stuff to discuss and share and this would be a good
>opportunitiy for us to distribute knowledge (and herby reduce the
>bus-factor), get interested people up to speed and also spend a little
>time talking about weather, beaches, beer and non flex related stufff. I
>guess this would deffinitely help us grow together as a community even
>What do you think? I would be happy to coordinate this.

Having another FlexJS World Tour event would probably be a good thing.
Not sure if ApacheCon is the place to do it.  Did you do some FlexJS talks
at ApacheCon EU?  How was attendance?  You had good attendance at
ApacheCon NA, but I'm not sure we hooked any new committers from it.
That's why I wonder if there is some other place and time we should have
an event.

When are other folks available to travel to the US and/or Europe in 2017?
Miami is so far away from Seattle, it might as well be in another
continent.  US West Coast is always easier for me.


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