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>Hi Alex,
>I thought FlexJS has some dependency with FlexSDK yet...it's that not
>That will be awesome :)
>(I thought the maven ascii art when building that Chris puts was related
>that dependency....)

Well, I might not be remembering something, but I just took a quick look
at the Ant scripts.  The regular Flex SDK is used for a few things, like:

- the history.js for SWFObject but that isn't currently leveraged by any
FlexJS code, and we could easily check in a copy of those files.  These
files are packaged into the binary release.
- Creating the fontSWF for the FlatUI font
- Using mustella.swc to run the checkintest
- Generating ASDoc

But, IMO, that means that the FlexJS SDK that you install for Maven or for
an IDE really doesn't have any dependencies on the regular Flex SDK.  You
can run the main build of the SWCs in Maven or Ant without the Flex SDK.
As long as you don't try to build the font SWF, package a binary release,
run checkin tests or generate the ASDoc.  And I'm in the process of
getting the Falcon to generate the DITA files so eliminate the ASDoc

Interestingly, this theoretically means that for folks who don't need to
build a SWF version of their FlexJS application, we should be able to
create a downloadable package that doesn't have any dependencies on the
Adobe SDKs (playerglobal.swc and the AIR SDK), although I don't think such
a package would work as a Flex SDK in Flash Builder and maybe other IDEs.
It isn't high on my priority list to do, but it would prove that FlexJS is
truly independent from Adobe.


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