Peter knows this example better, so I'll ask him to answer.  Keep in mind
that with pay-as-you-go, every level of functionality adds code.  The
smallest DG would not expect any changes:  it would just display the data
in its columns.  The next level of change support is adding and removing
whole rows.  After that comes replacing a row, then we get into changing
fields in the rows.  Each level adds more code and complexity in handling
things like selectedItem/selectedIndex.  I envision several kinds of view,
controller and model beads to manage this complexity.  I'm not sure which
ones have been built yet.


On 12/1/16, 2:35 AM, "sankar" <> wrote:

>Alex Harui wrote
>> But I think there isn't any code that will send itemUpdated if a field
>> an item
>> changes, only if an item changes.
>Does the above means that if I updates a whole item, it suppose to reflect
>to the row UI? Does DataGrid has necessary codes to listen itemUpdate
>at all, or what we need to do if it can't?
>I tried to add a new item to the ArrayList; I also noticed the ArrayList
>/'propertyChange'/ event, but don't know if that suppose to work with
>> var tmp:Product = new
>> Product("ps220","Weejets",35,190,"assets/smallorangerect.jpg")
>> ProductsModel(applicationModel).productList.addItem(tmp);
>> ...
>> // inside model 
>> [Bindable(event="propertyChange")]
>> public function get productList():ArrayList
>> {
>>      return _productList;
>> }
>> public function set productList(value:ArrayList):void
>> {
>>      if (value != _productList)
>>      {
>>              _productList = value;
>>              dispatchEvent(new Event("propertyChange"));
>>      }
>> }
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