Hi guys,
it seems to me that since Adobe announced the EOL of FlashPlayer there's
some more interest in FlexJS.
And it also seems to me that is still not so easy to get in touch with
FlexJS for others.
One reason is probably the lack of the documentation.

My feeling is that some more documentation is more important than ever at
this time where folks probably think about which path they will go with
their Flex apps in future.

So I prioritized this task for myself and started a github wiki with the
goal to fill the gap.
I decide to go with github instead of our wiki cause I think it is easier to
contribute for anybody who is willing to help.
Moreover, the long term idea is to move to github pages to provide a shiny
website dedicated to FlexJS.
Bootstrap, Angular and others do impressive things using github pages with
static site generators.
If it turns out that this approach is helpful and if there are no technical
issues it could be moved to Apache at any time of course.

This is the link to the wiki [1].
For now, it's just a scaffolding of what I would like to achieve at first. A
lot of things are probably already available at other places but I think it
is helpful to summarize all these things at one place.

The repo is not restricted to some collaborators so anybody who's willing to
help should be able to start right now.


[1] https://github.com/ok-at-github/flexjs-docs/wiki 

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