Hi Piotr,

>As for the examples maybe it's worth to put them into FlexJS Tour where
Peter start initial work [1].
Is this FlexJS Tour already hosted anywhere as a live demo?

>Anyone know whether we could take from Apache some new domain or how to put
it as subpage of our website? 

Would be great to have apacheflexjs.org and flexjs.org.
One long term idea is to use some of these static site generators out there
to create a shiny website.
I think a static site is much easier to maintain and it's free of any

>I will start slowly fill MDL part.
If you'll start I suggest to do it in the same way like the MDL demo:
They grouped components by its concern and put all components of a group on
one page with a table of content at the top of the page.
Regarding the demos, I remember some discussions with Alex with the
conclusion that it might be better to provide a particular demo by using
just one file. So it could be easily copied and paste.
So at the end, we should provide some explanation, mxml, screenshots and a
link to a working demo for each particular component.
I'll try to create an example tonight which could be used as template maybe.

Enjoy your vacation!


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