Great input from all of you, thanks!
Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that I don't know most of the FlexJS stuff
myself so expect some traffic here on the list related to all the topics
next time.

I'd like to create a demo (source code and live demo) for each particular
topic and I think it makes sense to add this demos also to the examples
folder of the asjs repo.
I remember that the compiled MDL examples are also available as JS/HTML live
demo anywhere.
How does this work?

>Another good topic is the fact that there’s a big difference between the
behavior of “visible” between old >Flex and FlexJS... You needed states and
includeIn to make components pop in and out.

If I understand you right I think in classic Flex you just can to set
includeInLayout to false?
I've just added it to the docs, would be great if you could verify what I've
written [1].

Please keep in mind that anybody of you could contribute to the wiki right
Just click a topic and add or edit some content, it's pretty simple ;-)



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