Hi Fabian,FYI. This is report on other engines we did the same type of 
bench-marking.Also explains what Linear Road bench-marking is.Thanks for your 

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 Subject: Re: Performance and Latency Chart for Flink

I am not aware of periodic performance runs for the Flink releases.
I know a few benchmarks which have been published at different points in
time like [1], [2], and [3] (you'll probably find more).

In general, fair benchmarks that compare different systems (if there is
such thing) are very difficult and the results often depend on the use case.
IMO the best option is to run your own benchmarks, if you have a concrete
use case.

Best, Fabian

[1] 08/2015:
[2] 12/2015:
[3] 02/2016:

2016-09-16 5:54 GMT+02:00 Chawla,Sumit <sumitkcha...@gmail.com>:

> Hi
> Is there any performance run that is done for each Flink release? Or you
> are aware of any third party evaluation of performance metrics for Flink?
> I am interested in seeing how performance has improved over release to
> release, and performance vs other competitors.
> Regards
> Sumit Chawla


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