Am 14.02.2018 um 03:34 schrieb Paul King:
Any objections if I look into moving the Extensions file from META-INF/services to META-INF/groovy (with a fallback to the current one). But not for 2.4.x.

in the meantime I know that META-INF/services has been reserved for the normal purposes and everything else is indeed not valid. You can find this in some javadoc comment on some class... somewhere. I can look for it again if you want to (of course that is java9+ only)

I still think a groovy library as module will not be able to expose its extension methods this way, which means we will most probably not even be able to keep the file and will have to move to a SPI structure... but moving to META-INF/groovy is probably a good first step

bye Jochen

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