Thanks to all who worked on the new testing infrastructure. It definitely
looks like a step up from the older test infrastructure.

I wanted to know if there are any new guidelines for a committer for
merging the PRs. Earlier we used to create one patch file for each JIRA and
push it to the master branch. With PRs it is possible that a
contributor publishes multiple commits (eg. to address review comments). I
would like to start a discussion on what should be the guidelines on
merging the PR requests?

Most of you are probably already following it but it would be good to
formalize the following:

1. Whether to standardize on Squash into one commit
for the PR?
2. What are the commit message guidelines? Our project has unfortunately
not been great in documenting the commit message appropriately. Current
guidelines are to have one line commit message and the JIRA is expected to
have more detailed information. However, most of the time the JIRAs  don't
have enough information. I think it would be good to add a few lines of
description as part of the git commit message. Some projects recommend 50/72
the git commit message which I feel is nice.
3. Do committers merge the PR directly from the github? I am not sure if
there is a way for our committer credentials to be integrated in github.
Otherwise, the other option could be that the committer checks out the PR
and merges it manually into the master branch.


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