On 5/27/06, Ruediger Pluem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 05/27/2006 03:58 PM, Jeff Trawick wrote:

> Are there still fundamental pieces missing from mod_proxy_ajp +
> mod_proxy_balancer which have to be resolved before mod_proxy_ajp is
> the natural solution for anybody on Apache >= 2.2?

Currently mod_proxy_balancer lacks the domain feature of mod_jk, but I do
not know if this is regarded as fundamental piece.


> Isn't pass-through of client SSL connection information another
> problem with mod_proxy?  (servlets can't access cipher or client
> certificate)

AFAIK not with mod_proxy_ajp. It seems to pass all these information to Tomcat.

oops, I meant "... problem with using generic HTTP support with
mod_proxy -- mod_proxy_http"; I agree, the functional problem doesn't
apply to mod_proxy_ajp

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