procmgr_post_spawn_cmd(maybe it should be renamed to procmgr_send_spawn_cmd) 
will keep blocking while PM is creating a new process, after 
procmgr_post_spawn_cmd() return, there should be a process ready there waiting 
for accept.



发件人:William A. Rowe Jr.
发送时间:2012-08-16 15:23
主题:Re: mod_fcgid concurrency bottleneck, issue#53693

On 8/15/2012 8:23 PM, pqf wrote: 
> But since someone said remove this sleep(), the server work fine without 
> bottleneck(Maybe 
> he didn't notise the warm up issue?), so I thought remove the sleep() is a 
> good idea. But 
> reduce the time of sleep() is fine to me too. 
> Any other idea? 

Can we introduce a blocking call on 'pipe ready' based on the child spawn 
being ready to accept data?  The equivalent of a ping-test? 

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