> Am 25.04.2015 um 11:47 schrieb Kaspar Brand <httpd-dev.2...@velox.ch>:
> On 22.04.2015 18:54, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>>> For me the time seems right to rip NPN out of trunk and only backport
>>> the ALPN code to 2.4.
>> I'd be +1 for that.
> So, to get one step further, and since there were no explicit objections
> to removing NPN support so far (or arguments for keeping it, FWIW), I
> went ahead and took a stab at this with r1676004.
> Only tested in terms of "compiles both w/ and w/o HAVE_TLS_ALPN", so it
> certainly needs more eyes before a backport proposal could be made.
> There's also a "TODO: we should have a mod_ssl configuration parameter"
> in ssl_engine_kernel.c which I'm unsure to what it refers.

The „TODO“ is a leftover from before SSLAlpnPreference was introduced. It can 
be removed.

I diff’ed the current mod_ssl against the 2.4 branch, removed everything but he 
ALPN changes and made a patch for my sandbox. This works on my OS X with 
mod_h2. My Ubuntu sandbox is still resisting as some test clients still link 
the system ssl which only speaks NPN (or link against a lib_event that links 
against the system openssl). It’s a mess. 


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