I made two small patches based on the feedback from Kaspar. One for the code 
and one for the documentation. Since I build against releases, I did not test 
the doc patch building. 

This code patch I tested against my already patched 2.4.12 with openssl 1.0.2 
and 1.0.1 in mod_h2 sandbox. 

Re NPN support comments: I can sympathize with only bringing „official“ 
protocols into a release branch (2.4). However there are a lot of openssl 1.0.1 
installations out there where httpd 2.4 is deployed which already talk NPN and 
it might take some time for getting ALPN support from the distros. Which would 
mean more people building and deploying their own SSL libraries/patching 
mod_ssl and having no auto update, if they want to use SPDY or HTTP/2. Does not 
seem like an easy decision.



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