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cvtdsp.pl is not a hassle, just a easy step.

Quote:  you should not need cvtdsp.pl -2005 with VC14. They fixed this in
the conversion.

Terrific, this is verified?!?

Otherwise there is no requirement for a Windows build to have an installed
Perl, which is as if not more heavy-weight dependency than cmake.

You mentioned majority.
Nope:  a majority now provide a cmake option.

Bottom line is that I and quite some fellows are sticking with the
GUI/dsw/dsp/mak. Oh so easy in all aspects for me as non unix user.

And cmake will give you DSW/DSP, or SLN/VcProj, or... So what is your
complaint to perpetuate a legacy unsupported(*) commercial standard by the
entire project when an open and cross platform alternative exists which is
modifible and maintainable by all committers exists and is required
ultimately to have a binary build at all?

I encourage all to use what they are most comfortable with, whether is is
DSW/DSP on Studio 6, or the most recent project format of Studio 2017, or
plain old .mak files.

As The Designer, the Windows build was crafted to require as few specific
additional tools as possible, and if required, keep them small and easy to
procure. Awk (vs Perl) is one example.

When cmake wasn't needed by one of our dependencies in the past, requiring
cmake seemed excessive. With the transition of PCRE and likely soon others,
leveraging cmake becomes dirt simple obvious.

We don't devolve here to proposal A sucks, B rules; we have reasoned
technical discussions on the merits of proposal A vs B. I need your
technical argument against adopting cmake before we can finish this
reasoned argument.

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