On 3 May 2017, at 10:03, Issac Goldstand <mar...@beamartyr.net> wrote:
> +1 on the idea
> So far I'm -0 about all of the proposed implementations for 2 reasons:
> 1) Mr and Mrs normal (whom are our primary customers in the original
> proposal) usually download Apache from their distro or some other
> binary.  Their Apache sources are usually not up-to-date, and in the
> scenario that a new vulnerability is found it would take ages to
> propagate to them, anyway
> 2) For those users who are comfortable building their own source, they

So how about ‘us’ taking the lead here. 

We, here, simply define ‘one’ setting as the industry best standard - which 
roughly corresponds to what ssllabs their test would get you an A+ and that 
pretty much meets or exceeds the various NIST et.al. recommendations for key 
lengths for the next 5 years. 

We’d wrap this into a simple policy document. Promise ourselfves that we’d 
check this every release and at least once a year review it. And have a small 
list of the versions currently meeting or exceeding our policy.

And this is the setting you get when you do ‘SSLEngine On’.

Everything else stays as is.


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