On Tue, 13 Jun 2017, Jim Jagielski wrote:

The pre-release test tarballs for Apache httpd
version 2.4.26 can be found at the usual place:


Late to the game and more of a nitpick for next release:

http://httpd.apache.org/dev/dist/CHANGES_2.4.26 notably has links to the complete 2.2.x and 2.0.x release history, but NOT for the complete 2.4.x release history...

Yes, it's available in CHANGES_2.4 but I think there should be a hint in CHANGES_2.4.26 as well to avoid confusing newcomers more than necessary :-)

Also I suspect that the following note at the bottom of the CHANGES_ files has gone stale:

 [Apache 2.3.0-dev includes those bug fixes and changes with the
   Apache 2.2.xx tree as documented, and except as noted, below.]

AFAIK the 2.2.xx tree isn't changing much nowadays...

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