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>> I hope this looks attractive to you. All bugs are mine. Let me know what you 
>> think.
> It looks neat.  I think accessible doc will be key.

yes. I was thinking of generating, but had no bright idea so far.

> But for the sake of discussion, what will we do / what will
> distributors do when say TLS1.3 or some esoteric part of it is only
> available in some SSL toolkit releases?

Well, the protocol defs do not exclude anything new. So TLS1.3 will just be 
"on" where available. 

> It seems like over time there are a lot of confusion with compile-time
> vs. runtime openssl, forks, etc that either push towards "modern"
> being ambiguous for a user or to have lots of different permutations
> defined.

That is rather the description of the state SSL configs is in now, is it not? 
Apart from the few who really know everyone copies sth from somewhere. 

And they can continue to do so. We take nothing away. We just offer them, 
hopefully, an easier way to define what they like. 

Plus some predefined policies for people that just want to use sth we offer. 
The rate of change should be very low, I think.

If a Mom&Pop server goes https: it is just a bit easier to make it work with 
modern browsers. 
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