On 2017-11-04 11:43, Eric Covener wrote:
> I'd be surprised if it helped someone who felt overwhelmed by the
> existence of 5 branches in SVN (no offense intended).

I agree to disagree. Graham's long explanation which still doesn't cover
certain scenarios is for sure a reason why not more people contribute to
the project.

Let's say I have a patch for the current version of Apache: 2.4.29. What
now? I have to get it first into 2.5.0 or trunk, which might not even be
compatible? So I have to figure out how the code in trunk works? Then I
have to do what? Learn SVN and how to use the STATUS file? I can't even
commit to a branch (let alone the fact that feature banches do not
exist) without a userid on svn.apache.org.

All I want to do are 2 steps: Commit the patch to the 2.4.x branch (as a
new feature or patch branch) and send a PR. (X reviewers are required,
and boom it gets merged. Don't forget all the nice CI that can be
triggered before or after the merge.)

While I still learned how to use CVS and SVN (which I also used in
personal projects and hated btw), used other ones like clearcase for
huge projects (like IBM DB2), the new generation of developers did not
and - believe me - they don't want to. (I definitely wouldn't want to,
if I had ever be involved in a project that used git.)

A move to git doesn't mean that this project will gain hundreds of new
developers over night, but it might give you a chance to streamline the
current development *and* release process. The rest will follow.

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